0 comments / June 20, 2015

Style last element with css last-child selector

This simple css tip helped me when i wanted to apply specific style on my table last td. I used last-child in css to achieve this result. Last-child selector supported in all modern browsers.

0 comments / April 03, 2015

TypeError: e[h] is not a function

This error occurs when you use jquery and a form input element such as button with id or name as "submit"

0 comments / March 15, 2015

Check checkbox checked or not jquery and javascript

We can check checkbox checked status in javascript through its checked property, Like that we can use "is" function in jquery to get checked status

1 comments / February 26, 2015

Remove non printable characters in string - php

We can remove non printable characters in string by using preg_replace function in php, It's quite simple.

0 comments / February 21, 2015

Calculate number of days in a month php

This simple function will return number of days for given month in php

0 comments / January 29, 2015

Useful wget commands

wget is a very handful utility to download files over the internet. It can handle most of the scenarios like background download,multiple downloads,non interactive downloads etc.

0 comments / January 29, 2015

wget output to file

wget command useful to download files. Sometimes we needed to write wget output to file which can be verified later if there is any issues in downloading that file.