0 comments / July 26, 2016

How to delete multiple files containing certain string/extension linux

As we seen in our previous articles we can use grep command in combination with two other commands to delete multiple files which has certain string in the file name or same extension in linux.

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Serve svg images as svg instead of plain text

User agents such as browsers use media types to determine how the content should be processed. When a svg image is not served with correct MIME type in the content type header, It might not rendered as intended by the author.

2 comments / July 22, 2016

Solved: Disable google weblight for your website

Google weblight is a google service, which shows the compressed view of the webpages listed in the search results when a slow network is detected. It removes websites default styles and js files, So user can view the webpage much quicker. But it can be disabled by setting cache control header to no transform.

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Find total size of files in a directory using grep - Linux

1 comments / July 20, 2016

Grep files and copy / move selected files to another place recursively

Grep command allows us to filter the content from the input which matches the pattern. Here we are going to use combination of three commands including grep, to copy / move the files recursively to another directory which matches our pattern

0 comments / July 19, 2016

Mount a device in linux

Devices can be easily mounted in linux using mount command. Lets check how to do it.

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TypeError: Value does not implement interface HTMLInputElement jquery

Usually this error occurs when an jquery object sent through ajax request