0 comments / March 27, 2023

What is named arguments in php?

Named arguments is a feature introduced in PHP 8 that allows developers to pass arguments to functions or methods by specifying their names explicitly, instead of relying on their position. This makes it easier to understand the code and prevents errors that may occur when the order of the arguments changes.

0 comments / March 26, 2023

How to clear too many login attempts timeout in laravel command line

By default, if a user fails to log in five times within one minute, they will receive the error message "Too many login attempts. Please try again in X seconds." This restriction is lifted after X seconds, which is set to 60 by default. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to clear this timeout restriction in the local environment.

0 comments / March 25, 2023

Laravel middleware: Trying to get property headers of non-object

This error occurs generally when redirects are not properly handled in the laravel middleware

0 comments / March 16, 2023

Constant expression contains invalid operations - Laravel

I had the following code in one of my laravel projects and it just triggered a "Constant expression contains invalid operations" error when I landed on the specific page.

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Error “Target class controller does not exist” in Laravel

The error "Target class controller does not exist" in Laravel 8 typically occurs when Laravel is unable to locate the controller specified in your route definition

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How to connect multiple database in laravel

You can use multiple databases in several ways. "DB" facade or Eloquent, both supports using multiple database connections.

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How to fetch data from database in Laravel

In Laravel, you can fetch data from a database using the built-in Query Builder or Eloquent ORM.