0 comments / March 27, 2014

Svn add and commit only directories

When we work in SVN, at times we need to commit only the directory structure by ignoring files inside the directory, its not all that tricky we can do that in just two steps!

0 comments / March 22, 2014

Clear previously echoed or printed items in php

It is best to print only required data which should be displayed to users, but sometimes we need to remove previously echoed or printed items based on certain condition. How do you do this in php?

2 comments / March 18, 2014

Google pagerank checker php script

Google ranks ( between 0 to 10 ) every page of your website. Mostly these ranks depends on number of back links to that page. Highly ranked pages will get higher position in the search results. Find out how to retrieve Google pagerank for given url using php

0 comments / March 07, 2014

Matching a string containing two or more dots with regular expression

We sometimes need to filter strings which contains two or more dots, Regular expression is straight forward way to do this task. Lets see how it can be done.

1 comments / February 14, 2014

How to take mysql database backup periodically

mysqldump is a database backup program used to create copy of database or collection databases. When you run mysqldump, it will prompt you for password, on valid password it will create backup copy of the database in given path.

0 comments / February 12, 2014

Iterate java script object

A javascript object may contain several properties, at times we need to iterate those properties. for..in loop comes handy in this case.

0 comments / February 11, 2014

Count number of occurances in mysql

MySQL doesn't have any built in function to count number of occurrences in a string, so we need bit of tweak in our query to achieve make this work.