Supervisor is a process manager. As it name suggests, the job of supervisor command is to supervise a process. It just monitors a process and make sure that process is running and restarts the process in case if it is terminated unexpectedly in the server.

Supervisor or Supervisord is also capable of restart the process at scheduled interval to keep the system resources optimised and also to make use the memory effectively.

But sometimes, we would like to know what is status of the process(es) currently supervisor is monitioring.  We can use "supervisorctl"  command to check the status of the process managed by supervisord.


sudo supervisorctl status


supervisor status of all process

Above image shows that, i have configured two process in supervisor namely,  program:pf_message_live_consumer  and  program:queue-local-worker  and both process is currently in "RUNNING" status which means those two process is still active in the server.

You may additionaly use "grep" along with above command to print only the status of the process you want to know. For example, if i want to know only the status of "queue-local-worker" then i can use following command.


sudo supervisorctl status | grep "queue-local"


supervisor status of specific process


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