0 comments / July 08, 2015

tr:hover not working in css

When we have a background color to a table td then tr:hover will not work as expected. It will not show the hover color on table td. This simple trick will fix that issue.

0 comments / June 20, 2015

Style last element with css last-child selector

This simple css tip helped me when i wanted to apply specific style on my table last td. I used last-child in css to achieve this result. Last-child selector supported in all modern browsers.

0 comments / January 28, 2015

CSS Shadow on all sides of div

CSS Shadow can be used to project a div with 3D like effect. Most of the times we shadow bottom & left / bottom & right side to bring this effect. Sometimes we thought to shadow on all sides of div to give it a different look.

4 comments / February 05, 2014

Disable or block copy paste in blogger using css

It'll really frustrates, when you find your blog content published in some other websites as their own. We cannot completely block these kind of stealing but we can make it harder to achieve.