0 comments / July 17, 2016

Get string between parentheses or brackets

We can easily get the string between parentheses or brackets using regular expression. This regular expression can be applied in any programming language / scripts like php, javascript,java,perl,python,c#,asp etc.

0 comments / July 15, 2016

Call function from string in javascript without eval

Lets say, we grabed a function call from somewhere and have it in a variable, Simply match the function name and parameters separately using regular expression and call the function using window object.

0 comments / June 29, 2015

Regex check minimum and maximum length

Using Regular expression( Regex ), We can check whether the given string has minimum no. of characters or whether it is inside specified range etc.

0 comments / June 22, 2015

Replace string in javascript

Generally, "replace" method in java script replaces only the first occurrence in the given string. We can change this behaviour by using regular expression.

1 comments / February 26, 2015

Remove non printable characters in string - php

We can remove non printable characters in string by using preg_replace function in php, It's quite simple.

0 comments / March 07, 2014

Matching a string containing two or more dots with regular expression

We sometimes need to filter strings which contains two or more dots, Regular expression is straight forward way to do this task. Lets see how it can be done.