0 comments / July 18, 2016

TypeError: Value does not implement interface HTMLInputElement jquery

Usually this error occurs when an jquery object sent through ajax request

0 comments / April 03, 2015

TypeError: e[h] is not a function

This error occurs when you use jquery and a form input element such as button with id or name as "submit"

0 comments / March 15, 2015

Check checkbox checked or not jquery and javascript

We can check checkbox checked status in javascript through its checked property, Like that we can use "is" function in jquery to get checked status

0 comments / January 07, 2015

$.browser is undefined - jquery type error

This browser function removed from jquery version 1.9. you need to write code for this or include jquery migrate plugin to restore depreciated functions

0 comments / July 15, 2014

Easiest way to select all checkbox in javascript / jquery

This simple snippet can be used to select all checkbox. Both jquery and javascript method given, choose whatever suits to you.