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How to open iframe link in parent window / new window

Normally if you click on any link in iframe content it will automatically open only within the iframe window. But you make those links to be openend in the parent window or new window by using target property of anchor tag.

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Open iframe link on parent / new window without using target attribute

Links in iframe will open on the same window by default, but specifying target on base tag we can make all links inside iframe to open in same / new window.

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How to generate seo friendly urls

This simple function gives you an idea how to generate more seo friendly urls like the one used in webdevelopmentscripts.com

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How to get mysql auto increment value

We sometimes need next auto increment value in a mysql table for various purposes. It can be achieved through querying INFORMATION_SCHEMA database.

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drew wilson jquery autocomplete / autosuggest plugin

jquery autocomplete / autosuggest plugins provides list of suggestions when we type in text fields.

2 comments / April 23, 2014

PHP Namespace Basics: Beginner view

Alike many other languages like Java and C++, PHP introduced Namespaces concept in version 5.3. PHP implementation of namespaces is somewhat similar to c++, because most of the syntax and design are borrowed from c++. So what namespaces holds new for you?

0 comments / March 27, 2014

Svn add and commit only directories

When we work in SVN, at times we need to commit only the directory structure by ignoring files inside the directory, its not all that tricky we can do that in just two steps!