Why does an attribute error occur?
When you try to access an attribute or method that doesn't exist for a particular object. For example, if you have a list object 'lst' and you try to call the 'sort' method on it, but you misspelled it as 'srot', you'll get an AttributeError.

Where did it happen?
The PPTX library you are using. Specifically, the error is saying that the collections module does not have an attribute named Container.

This error usually occurs when there is a mismatch between the version of the PPTX library you are using and the version of Python you are running. The collections module in Python 3.2 and earlier defined a Container abstract base class, but this was removed in Python 3.3.

To resolve this issue, try adding the following code at the beginning of the program. 

import collections.abc

As Python is a line-by-line interpreter language. So, it is preferred to add these lines at the beginning of the program to avoid further errors.

Importing the collections.abc module is sufficient to resolve the AttributeError in this case. The collections.abc module provides the abstract base classes that were previously included in the collections module in older versions of Python. By importing this module, your code will have access to the necessary abstract base classes, even if the specific class named Container is not present in the collections module.

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