0 comments / March 12, 2023

Solved: How to check if string is already encrypted in laravel

In Laravel, We can encrypt a string using encryptString method in the Crypt facade. All the characters in the string are encrypted using OpenSSL and AES-256-CBC Cipher. The encrypted string is signed with MAC ( Message Authentication Code )

0 comments / March 11, 2023

How to get supervisord or supervisorctl status

Supervisor is a process manager. As it name suggests, the job of supervisor command is to supervise a process. It just monitors a process and make sure that process is running and restarts the process in case if it is terminated unexpectedly in the server.

0 comments / March 10, 2023

Git copy / export modified and new files to another directory as zip

Sometimes we need to copy / export the modified and new files in git to another directory for backup purposes. We can still use "stash" command or commit to different branch, but this one liner will help you copy the modified and new files to another directory as zip file.

0 comments / March 09, 2023

401.shtml unauthorized error after htaccess http to https redirection

Strangely i have experienced 401.shtml unauthorized error after i have enabled http to https redirection through htaccess.

0 comments / February 26, 2023

Read a text file and split the content into key pairs in NodeJS

A code snippet that reads the contents of a file named filename.txt asynchronously using the fs.readFile method and it separates the lines in the format key:value, with each key-value pair on a separate line i.e., separated by a colon(:).

0 comments / February 24, 2023

Switch php version in command line ubuntu

When we have multiple versions of php installed in ubuntu operating system, we can use "update alternatives" command to switch between the versions.

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In javascript, What is the difference between let and var?

In JavaScript, "let" and "var" are both used for declaring variables, but they have some differences in how they work and how they can be used.