0 comments / February 19, 2023

p7zip not showing files in mounted directory or outside home directory

p7zip or p7zip-desktop by default do not show any other files in other mounted drives or outside home directories. This can be fixed by using simple command

1 comments / February 15, 2023

AttributeError: module collections has no attribute abc

Resolving attribute error when importing PPTX module in Python 3.3. by importing collections module

0 comments / February 14, 2023

What is lexical scope in javascript?

In JavaScript, lexical scope means that a variable defined outside a function can be accessed by another function defined after the variable declaration. On the other hand, variables defined inside a function are not accessible outside of it.

0 comments / February 08, 2023

Google bard AI - ChatGPT rival from Google

Google just announced their own AI chat service, named Bard AI. Bard is going to be the direct competitor for chatGPT which was released recently by OpenAI. Currently Bard is in testing phase and soon it will be unleashed for the public in the upcoming weeks.

0 comments / January 29, 2023

Generate models for existing database tables - Laravel

This article will help you generate / build models for your existing database tables through laravel artisan command

0 comments / January 29, 2023

How to generate migrations for existing database - Laravel

Create laravel migrations for the existing database or specific table.

0 comments / January 09, 2023

Git ignore already committed file or Remove committed file from git

This post helps you to remove a file from git which is already committed / tracked in git and make that file as an ignored file