0 comments / July 15, 2014

Easiest way to select all checkbox in javascript / jquery

This simple snippet can be used to select all checkbox. Both jquery and javascript method given, choose whatever suits to you.

2 comments / June 24, 2014

Prevent submit on page refresh

Reloading the page after form submission in POST method, browser will always display a warning whether it can resend same data to server or not. For average user, this information is bit technical and it might confuse him.

0 comments / June 07, 2014

How to open iframe link in parent window / new window

Normally if you click on any link in iframe content it will automatically open only within the iframe window. But you make those links to be openend in the parent window or new window by using target property of anchor tag.

1 comments / June 07, 2014

Open iframe link on parent / new window without using target attribute

Links in iframe will open on the same window by default, but specifying target on base tag we can make all links inside iframe to open in same / new window.

4 comments / February 05, 2014

Disable or block copy paste in blogger using css

It'll really frustrates, when you find your blog content published in some other websites as their own. We cannot completely block these kind of stealing but we can make it harder to achieve.