0 comments / April 08, 2023

Allow ampersand (&) and question mark (?) in the mailto link

If you require the ability to create an email link that, when clicked, will open a new email window (using the default email program) with the necessary fields pre-populated, such as To, CC, Bcc, Subject, and Body then you can use "mailto" feature.

0 comments / July 11, 2015

Why my form values are not submitted?

There are lot of reasons for the form values not being posted. But we must make sure that we set basic things properly.

0 comments / July 11, 2015

How post data is sent to server?

We know when we send data using GET method the variables are sent as query string. But how its done when it is a POST request? The variables is not visible in the url then how it is sent?

0 comments / July 08, 2015

tr:hover not working in css

When we have a background color to a table td then tr:hover will not work as expected. It will not show the hover color on table td. This simple trick will fix that issue.

0 comments / June 25, 2015

html input disabled not posted, why?

A form element if set to disabled, then the element value will not posted. This is a standard behaviour, To overcome this we can use readonly attribute.

0 comments / June 25, 2015

disabled vs read only difference

Though both disabled and read only primary job is preventing content being edited, still there are few differences exists between them.

0 comments / June 20, 2015

Style last element with css last-child selector

This simple css tip helped me when i wanted to apply specific style on my table last td. I used last-child in css to achieve this result. Last-child selector supported in all modern browsers.