0 comments / June 03, 2014

How to get mysql auto increment value

We sometimes need next auto increment value in a mysql table for various purposes. It can be achieved through querying INFORMATION_SCHEMA database.

1 comments / February 14, 2014

How to take mysql database backup periodically

mysqldump is a database backup program used to create copy of database or collection databases. When you run mysqldump, it will prompt you for password, on valid password it will create backup copy of the database in given path.

0 comments / February 11, 2014

Count number of occurances in mysql

MySQL doesn't have any built in function to count number of occurrences in a string, so we need bit of tweak in our query to achieve make this work.

0 comments / February 07, 2014

MySQL length and char_length difference

In MySQL, length and char_length functions are used to find number of characters present in string. So which one is best to use and how it differs?

0 comments / February 06, 2014

Mysql insert and update in one query

This is one of the great feature available in MySQL from version 4.1, but most of us forgotten this feature or reluctant to use.

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Last executed query in MySQL

MySQL has various log system that can help a user to debug and improve query performance. So find out how to list last executed queries in MySQL.