5 comments / July 11, 2014

PHP Email Validation - SMTP, MX Record and Regular Expression

We sometimes need to validate the integrity of given email id. The easiest way we have is just sending a verification mail to the given email id and asking the user to click on the link in that email. But other than that we have three more ways, that is, SMTP Email Validation, MX Record Check and Regular Expression&

0 comments / June 29, 2014

Convert text to image in php

Basic idea behind converting text to image is to avoid spammers grabbing important data like emails, phone numbers etc. This simple php script convert text to image dynamically, Just have a glance at this script.

0 comments / June 27, 2014

Find the difference between two dates

This small php snippet will help you to find the difference between two given dates

2 comments / June 24, 2014

Prevent submit on page refresh

Reloading the page after form submission in POST method, browser will always display a warning whether it can resend same data to server or not. For average user, this information is bit technical and it might confuse him.

0 comments / June 03, 2014

How to generate seo friendly urls

This simple function gives you an idea how to generate more seo friendly urls like the one used in webdevelopmentscripts.com

2 comments / April 23, 2014

PHP Namespace Basics: Beginner view

Alike many other languages like Java and C++, PHP introduced Namespaces concept in version 5.3. PHP implementation of namespaces is somewhat similar to c++, because most of the syntax and design are borrowed from c++. So what namespaces holds new for you?

0 comments / March 22, 2014

Clear previously echoed or printed items in php

It is best to print only required data which should be displayed to users, but sometimes we need to remove previously echoed or printed items based on certain condition. How do you do this in php?