A scope in programming refers to the area in which a variable or function is visible.There are two types of scope we know,

  • Global Scope
  • Local Scope

The term "Lexical scope" refers to the ability of a function to access the variables inside and outside of that function. Simply saying, that a variable defined outside a function can be accessed by another function defined after the variable declaration. On the other hand, variables defined inside a function are not accessible outside of it.

var x = 5; // available to all functions

var parent = function (){ // parent function
    var y = 10;

    var child = function (){ // child function
        var z = 30;

  • In the above code variable "z" accessed only inside "child" function whereas variable "y" can be accessed by "child" and "parent" function.
  • Variable "x" available for all the functions inside and outside of parent function.

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